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Cara’s Registry Picks

It’s always sweet to learn on of our featured Modern Moms is expecting – again. Modern Mom Cara has an eye for design with just enough whimsy. We asked her to share some of second baby must-haves, so if you’re a first time mama, please do take notes from this seasoned, stylish mom.  

Cara’s Short List.

1} Hooter Hiders Nursing CoverIf you’re breastfeeding, the Hooter Hiders nursing cover is great.  It’s really easy to nurse under, and much better than trying to cover yourself up with a blanket, jacket or scarf while in public. It won’t fall down since it has a strap that goes around your neck.   Functional, and so many cute patterns to choose from.

2} Diaper Bag – Petunia Pickle Bottom Clutch: A twist on the classic clutch!  The Petunia Pickle Bottom clutch includes spacious pockets, a snap-out changing pad and wipe case.  When I didn’t feel like lugging around my diaper bag, I would use this instead.  Perfect for going out on a short trip or when going out to dinner with the babes.  Since it doesn’t look like a diaper bag, you can use it as a purse too!

3} Crib & Bedding Bratt Decor Venetian Crib + Belle Notte Linens: I fell in love with the Bratt Decor Venetian Crib for obvious reasons. It’s just beautiful! The bedding I wanted was by Belle Notte Linens, but would have cost more than the entire nursery!  So, instead of registering for the bedding, I used it as inspiration. Since I’m crafty, I was able to sew a satin ruffled crib skirt, velvet bumpers and ruffled pillows.  

4} Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier: When Soleil was an infant, she never wanted me to put her down. She didn’t like her swing and she wouldn’t sit happy anywhere. I probably created the little monster… being a first-time mom and wanting to hold her all the time. So, at first, I carried her in a sling and then my Baby Bjorn. I was able to do things around the house while keeping us both happy. My husband could also use it whenever we went out shopping or walking. I highly recommend a carrier of some sort.  

5} Moses Basket: I loved my moses basket with Soleil – not only is it adorable, it is really useful. It offers flexibility for parents with a lifestyle on the move. Wer’e constantly going places and an infant sleeps quite a bit! Unfortunately, It’s only good for a few months, but during those months, I used it all the time. An added bonus: Moses Baskets make great doll carriers once your child outgrows them.
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