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I heart yellow. It’s true!

Hello, yellow. 

If you ask me at any point in time what my favorite color is, I’ll say yellow. Or white. Ok, so right now I just can’t seem to get enough white in my life. Outside of those fleeting “favorite color moments,” I’ve been consistant about one thing; yellow is my happy color. 

While working in color forecasting, a dedicated yellow palette caught major attention. This bright & shiny palette was designed to inspire very good things, and it did.  

I’m excited by this little happy parade via the Emmy runway. For me, it’s simply the bee’s knees.


Now that we are hunkering down for winter, remember one thing. We don’t do rules anymore. Max out your closet, by mixing colors; pair typical seasonal shades with a dose of the unexpected. 

Here are a few ways to do yellow right now: 

 1} kid’s room

2} handbag

3} pencil

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