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MoPaPa’s Day: Carl Beckman

MoPa is about celebrating the parents and families that make our world go. This Father’s Day, we’re hanging out with Carl Beckman talking fatherhood and family. 


Carl, congrats to you and Tracy on the recent birth of your son Charlie. What would you say has been the highlight since bringing him home? 


Thanks, I would say the highlight of having Charlie home is seeing the interaction between him and his sister Zoe. My favorite moments are when Charlie smiles at the sound of Zoe’s voice. Then Zoe realizes that he is laughing at her and the two go back and forth. 



Your daughter, Zoe is almost 3. What has been her reaction to having a baby brother? 


Zoe loves having a little brother. She has shown maternal instincts that I would have never expected. She is always letting us know “Charlie is crying” or “Charlie is awake.” She has been a fantastic big sister. 



How do you typically spend Father’s Day? Any traditions so far? 


Father’s Day is normally low key. We may have a cookout or barbecue, and try to get my father out for a round of golf. We don’t have any set traditions yet, but this is only our third Father’s Day so maybe Tracy has something planned. 



What are three words you would use to describe your family?


Loving – Obligatory but true, without a loving family I don’t know how you would get through the trying times that all parents go through. 


Amazing – I am in constant wonder of how Tracy can handle two kids all day, of how quickly Zoe is growing up, and, of course everything babies do is amazing. 


Funny – Luckily Zoe has a great sense of humor and we spend most of our time laughing with, and at, each other.




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