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Oh Cinco {Recipe Edition}

Merusi’s Benevolent Burrito.

We went into our archives and pulled out a great little recipe Nicole Merusi shared with us as part of her Modern Mom interview. Because it’s so easy, you can prepare this dish for Cinco de Mayo this weekend – Perfect! What we love most is that it’s hands on {the kiddos build their very own burrito} and delicious. 

“Benevolent Burritos!! It’s our family fave!! It’s healthy, vegetarian, and filled with flavor. I’m a little hesitant to share our little secret, but here goes. The short version uses 10 minute Uncle Ben’s Brown Rice and the sweet potatoes get thrown in the Microwave for 8-10 minutes. When I have extra time, I’ll slow roast the sweet potatoes in the oven for added flavor – but we don’t usually have that extra time during the week.” – Nicole 


1-2 Sweet Potato(s)

1 Can low Sodium Goya Black Beans

Cooked brown rice

Shredded  Mexican Cheese Blend (prepared)

Avocado, sliced

Lettuce, chopped

1-2 Tomato, chopped

Cilantro (optional)

Lime juice (optional)

Chipotle Hot Sauce

Package of Whole Wheat Tortillas

Nicole’s Prep

Start the brown rice. Throw the sweet potatoes into the Microwave (8-10 mins depending on size) until they’re soft. Cook the beans in their liquid until hot – I like to season mine with Cumin and pepper. Shred the lettuce, dice up the tomatoes and slice the avocados. I add chopped cilantro and fresh lime juice to the rice. Soften the tortillas in the toaster oven or microwave (between a moistened paper towel works best). My favorite part is that it’s total hands-on. We put all ingredients out in small serving dishes on the table and each of us builds our own burrito. Take a tortilla, mash some sweet potato on the bottom, pile on the rice & beans, then throw on some cheese (has to be next to the hot stuff so it’ll melt). Add on the rest of the cold ingredients as you like – we like it all. The chipotle hot sauce isn’t mandatory, but the flavor combination with the black beans and sweet potato is unbelievable. Roll it all up (carefully – cuz if you’re like me, you overloaded the tortilla) and enjoy!


Big & Little {She’s Golden}

Everyone Is Golden.

This time of year, I can’t help but anticipate some extra doses of gold & glitter. One of my favorite color combinations is white, ivory with hints of gold, which fits in easily with Harvest. 

big: moma ring by Nora Kogan little: gold booties by Chaussons Bébé – Doré home: sweet gold muffins via Glitter Guide

Big & Little {Rainy Day Edition}


It’s raining in New England today. Lucky for us, we manage weather with style. 


It can also make for some great blog inspiration; we’re loving this sweet stripe umbrella for mom!


Here is today’s “big & little”… enjoy. 



mom: umbrella  

baby: bon bon rattle 

mom: summer striped loafer 

on the wall {kid art}


Our house is full of awesome art. Thanks to Nate & Charlie. 


We’re lucky that our boys attend programs where they paint, collage and create with vivid color – everyday.


It make us, and our walls very happy. 


Here are some fantastic examples of how kid art easily becomes “fine art” for the home.









little details {fresh summer stripe}


little details {fresh summer stripe}



we love this sweet line-up of summer stripes. 


in seasonal tangerine-sherbet hues, they offer just enough of a color punch. 


Oh, and be sure to check out the sweet cream pop recipe for good measure…


delish & happy summer!



mom scarf by j.crew

infant romper by j.crew baby

pop recipe via versus from my kitchen