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Don’t You Wanna Wean Green? GIVEAWAY…

We’re excited to partner with Wean Green on this great Giveaway.


Eating healthy is a must for modern moms, so, in order to maintain energy and be our best, it’s important that we fuel our fabulous bodies with healthy, smart snacks throughout the day. And because most moms are not only packing those power snacks for herself, but for her family, as well,the task can be a bit overwhelming. 


To make healthy snacking more efficient for families-on-the-go, the folks over at Wean Green, a family owned, environmentally friendly company based out of Canada, have developed the perfect solution that will not only help us store snacks, but do it in a container that is BPA-free, and crafted from tempered glass; meaning it’s less likely to break! We love the idea of a glass container that can go anywhere with a busy family. 




Available through Wean Green, these nifty containers feature easy, snap on lids in a rainbow of colors, and come in an array of sizes to meet all of your food storage needs. 



Whether you’re packing lunches or storing left-overs, these practical and affordable containers will make all of your meals-on-the-go travel in style, and taste just as they should.

Pack your snack and eat it too!


How to win? Simply join MoPa on Facebook and you’re good to go.

Winner announced Wed, 4/17!

 Winner will receive a complete set of Wean Green Containers:

Lunch Cubes, Snack Cubes, Wean Cubes, Wean Tubs and Wean Bowls – Yay! 

Modern Mom – Nicole Merusi

MoPa had a the chance to spend an afternoon with modern mom, Nicole Merusi. If you know Nicole, you know she’s equal parts relaxed and fashionable. She holds it down: balancing career, family, a passion for yoga, and time with girlfriends. We are impressed! Her daughters, Sydney and Lila are perfectly sweet and all three of them together make you want to put on your favorite shade of pink and stay awhile. 

Meet Nicole Merusi of Be Yoga

What does a typical day in the life of Nicole consist of?  The average weekday is all about routine. I’m the first to get up, after hitting snooze one too many times. I get myself ready, and somewhere in that time, the girls get up, and so does my husband. The rest of the morning involves A LOT of teamwork. Breakfast, packing lunches, shoes, bags, and we’re out the door; usually late. My husband and I split up the drop-off – one to school and the other to either daycare or a grandparents’ house. Finally, I arrive at work, after what feels like an entire day. Come five o’clock, I’m out the door. Then it’s back home to the evening routine, and again, lots of teamwork.

My husband and I share the cooking. we sit down at the dinner table as a family MOST weeknights. This is important time for us, since we’re all going in different directions during the day. Homework gets done after dinner, and sometimes Wheel of Fortune before bedtime. We’re really consistent about bedtime and try to keep it early, usually by 8ish the girls are tucked in and I’m in my comfy clothes. I’m in bed around 10:30/11 each night. I like to think I wash the day off my face before hitting the pillow, but that all depends on how long I’ve been asleep on the couch. The weekends, on the other hand, are intentionally slow and less routine… lots of coffee and cartoons.

Being a mother of two must be a tough job in itself, how on Earth do you find the balance between your home life and your career? Do you have advice for other moms? I have lots of help. I rely on my family and friends a lot. I also have a standing rule for myself: once the kids are in bed, I’m off the clock. My time starts then. Sometimes that time involves work (be yoga work, not 9-5 work), and sometimes it doesn’t. 



Big & Little {Stripe Edition}


Big & Little


We LOVE stripes.


They are modern, classic (pretty much whatever you want them to be), and always on trend.


They effortlessly create a look, which is a big bonus for busy moms.


Here are some sweet stripes for home, baby and wardrobe. 






Big & Little {the bright side}


Big & Little


I love warm weather.


Everything feels easier, I wear white on the regular, and it brings out our bright side. 


Here are some fun, seasonal brights that are easy to mix in. 












a happy, happy birthday


If you know me, you know I LOVE to plan little birthday parties.


This party designed by Ruby May Designs

(and featured on the Amy Atlas blog) is simply perfect.


It’s almost time to plan Charlie’s 2nd Birthday Party, and this is just the inspiration I need.