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Color Crush {Neon + Neutral}


The Future is Bright.

We just have to wait for it. In the meantime, let’s Color Crush.

Yes, it’s been cold outside. Very cold outside. In fact, I’m pretty certain I heard the weatherman forecast even more snow this weekend {Um. Hand to head moment}. When this kind of thing happens, I tend to walk away in search of a happy distraction. Let’s see… something bright, perhaps? 

Our latest Color Crush plays up bold and bright, in a very big way, and trust us – this is a color duo you just can’t walk away from. It’s delicate, dynamic and oh-so attention getting.

In this edition we crush on some must-have accessories for you, and fall even harder for a colorblock dress for your Little. Add neutral shimmer baby mocs, and it’s a happy day, my friends. I’m sure my little Nate is not alone when he gazing out his carseat window with the snow dancing down and says, “I want summer, mom.

Me too, my Little love. Me too. Until then, let’s find a happy distraction. 

stacked rings. neon clutch. shimmer mocs. colorblock dress.

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