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Currently Obsessing Over {Shoes}

Archive: Event Planning in a Size 8.  

You know you have ‘em. A pair of shoes you love so much – because they are SO your style, and come complete with a built-in confidence booster. Perfection in a size 8. And, if you shop often enough you probably have more than one pair. Lucky you.

This photo here (taken in a favorite pair) is from late last summer, and if I had to narrow it down even further it was probably late August, early September when we were in the thick of planning our first MoPa Show. We were very buys and had really big moments going down: big box deliveries, favorite brand swag and meetings all along the Southcoast (and beyond) with some of favorite people. It was an exciting time and it was all going down in these shoes. For me, a good pair of shoes not only make for a better instagram feed, but can help create even better memories.

The shoes in the photo are Rockport (yes, Rockport), and a serious case of love at first sight. This beauty of a wedge is beyond comfy and features some serious hardware detail. I rocked the Rockports all day, everyday, and because of their dreamy caramel color, they worked with absolutely everything in my closet.

It’s inevitable that the warm weather will return, and when it does I will happily slide into these for another busy planning season.

While pinning must-have shoes to my pinterest page, I often see the quote, “Life is short, buy the damn shoes” and I simply say, “yes.”


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