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The Move! with All Free & Clear

Right now, our world is a little upside down, or rather living in an assortment of boxes. Our family is on the move at the end of the month. It’s all very exciting and we’re so ready for this change, but if you’ve made a big move, you know just what goes into it. The emotional side and many phases of not really feeling like it’s real or actually happening and then when you come to accept the task – it’s holy smokes, we’re moving and there’s so much work that needs to get done.

But, work is not a bad thing — it’s the perfect opportunity to organize, purge and make some major donations on the many things you’ve either grown out of or simply doesn’t need anymore. Hey, it happens.


When it comes to donating clothes, I like to launder them so that they look and feel their best. The same goes for clothes we’re packing to up to take with us on the other end; who wants to unpack stale clothes in a new home? Not me!

For this particular job, I’m using the All Free and Clear. 

I like the All product line, but especially this particular one when donating items since you’re not sure about who will receive them and any sensitivities they have. When it comes to personal use,  I love it because it easily gets stains out (and yes I have two very active boys) and it does a better job than most other detergents. Beyond that, my affinity for white clothing means I’m very particular with how they smell and feel! I love the simple, clean scent that comes through with this product.

For me,  All Free and Clear is the only way to care for our clothes while preparing for the big move. Not only will donated clothes arrive clean and fresh-scented, but once we unpack in our new home, we’ll easily get back to routine looking our best. Wish us luck! xo

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