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Currently Obsessing Over {Hands-Free}

Inspired to be Hands-Free

This week has been hectic in our home.

Justin has been away at SXSW for 5 days, and because he’s such a hands-on dad, I feel the pinch when he goes away. He’s much better at getting Charlie dressed in the mornings (a task that often requires super-dad strength, or at least a tag-team effort). He’s involved on every level, beyond being Charlie’s daily stylist.

While away, he forwards notes from some of his favorite sessions – major bonus! He calls to chat on trends and topics that he knows I’m keen on. I guess I’m telecommunicating SXSW. Pretty nifty. Even though we’re lucky to live in a day and age where we can instantly talk by text, FaceTime and the occasional phone call, he’s not close enough. I guess all this connectivity is a double edged sword. It can bring people together, or not at all.

Overall, him being away brings me closer to a recent mission we’ve set out on: becoming more Hands-Free. It’s not an easy task for us, and something we work to be mindful of. The nature of our work has us both plugged in on the regular.

Our desire is to be present and dial it all down a notch. Simply put: devices off, family-time on. We’re easily distracted because of our digital lifestyle – always working to create content out of our everyday, looking to capture every moment. I often wonder if we are really living the moment?

I’m happy Justin is on his way back home. I know he’ll return inspired, energized and ready to go. I will be happy to turn down the dial, and turn off our phones. We’ll make cupcakes instead.  


photo courtesy of Michelle Carr

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