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DIY Side Table



If you’re like me, you love to spruce up your space with the change of each season. One simple way to change up your space is with a furniture update that can be achieved with a simple coat of paint! If you’ve never painted furniture before, let us show just how easy it is using the Martha Stewart Decor Paint collection!

A few things to consider before you begin this DIY project is design inspiration and materials, such as quality paint + stencils). When it comes to decor paint, we are currently obsessing over the amazing line of Vintage Decor Paint from Martha Stewart Crafts. This specialty paint goes on smooth (we recommend the quality Martha Stewart decor paint brush here too) and lends a velvety, chalk finish that is a dream. And a little paint goes a long way! Trust us, you’re going to want to paint everything once you experience just how easy it is. Oh, and the range of colors are beyond beautiful; think traditional or trendy.

Beyond paint materials, you’ll want to consider inspiration — think design details and motifs. You can literally grab inspiration from just about anywhere –in this case, I simply looked inside my closet and pulled a skirt I purchased last summer. I love the print and color combination. Inspiration found!


Next up, you’ll need to have on hand a piece of furniture that needs a makeover. I purchased a small side table on a resale site, and it needed a little love. To achieve the look from my inspiration, I used a beautiful color palette from the Martha Stewart Decor Paint collection and the Vintage Decor Stencils in Blossom. You can shop these stencils here. The oversized blossom stencil perfectly reflected my inspiration.



What you’ll need:

  • Shop for some inspiration (I used a pattern from a skirt)
  • Shop or grab a small furniture piece
  • Martha Stewart Decor Paint in colors: Seashell and Cantaloupe (interior shelf color)
  • Martha Stewart Gloss Paint in Geranium (blossom motif color)
  • Martha Steward Decor Paint Bruch Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Stencils Once you have your materials, follow this tutorial: Source materials to achieve your design inspiration

What to do next:

  • Wipe furniture piece clean and let dry
  • Paint a coat of the base color to cover the furniture piece, let dry completely
  • Continue with second coat if desired
  • Once coats are dry you’ll be ready to add your design motif using a stencil
  • Position your stencil against the surface area and paint in using a contrast color, let dry



Now that our project is complete, we are ready to dress with accessories and put on display!

Love our little DIY side table? Be sure to shop the complete collection of Martha Stewart Crafts supplies for you next project!


Project by Denell Pepin Photography by Megan Belanger

Tropical Persuasion

It seems everywhere I go there’s something tropical in my sight line. For me, this is a good thing. Pineapples and palms make me happy and because they are on trend, and it’s summer — I can’t help but get a little excited about the the latest product Snuggle sent on over. Here’s what you need to know: Scent Booster & Island Collection.

Need a little more mood? Think flamingos, fresh fruit and island breezes — ok, I hope you’re with me now. :)


Now that we’ve set the tone, I will say that I love the new Snuggle Scent Booster in Island Collection. They are easy to use — no mess, no measuring or spills — you simply grab the small scent packs and toss into the washer – that part is done.

From the washer, you can layer even more scent booster by adding the coordinating dryer sheet. This is big time, because I love everything to smell fresh and this pretty much does the trick (and then some). We’re talking laundry that smells clean — and in this case, a scent that reminds me of pineapples and palms, and those happy island breezes come rushing back to mind.


We do a lot of laundry in our house (which brings me back to reality that I am NOT on vacation) but that’s ok because it just is. The big scent here works for me, but if you’re someone who does not like scented garments, this may not be the product for you. After trying out the Snuggle Scent Boosters from their Island Collection and doing numerous loads of laundry with it, I’m very happy with the product. It smells great, the scent lasts, and it really softens the clothes and towels.

Laundy on my friends,


DIY Macaron Gift Baskets


Now that spring is officially here, there are so many events and celebrations popping up on our calendars! And with all of these social celebrations usually comes the perfect opportunity to get creative with some DIY projects. Hooray!

Weddings and anniversaries, bridal and baby showers — who doesn’t love a sweet celebration? And when it comes to offering up a thoughtful favor or gift, one item we always have on hand is an edible treat. There’s no doubt that a sweet treat is a crowd-pleaser at every event. The best part is that it gives you the chance to get creative when it comes to packaging and presentation!

See the complete #12MonthsofMartha DIY project over on Best Friends For Frosting


The Move! with All Free & Clear

Right now, our world is a little upside down, or rather living in an assortment of boxes. Our family is on the move at the end of the month. It’s all very exciting and we’re so ready for this change, but if you’ve made a big move, you know just what goes into it. The emotional side and many phases of not really feeling like it’s real or actually happening and then when you come to accept the task – it’s holy smokes, we’re moving and there’s so much work that needs to get done.

But, work is not a bad thing — it’s the perfect opportunity to organize, purge and make some major donations on the many things you’ve either grown out of or simply doesn’t need anymore. Hey, it happens.


When it comes to donating clothes, I like to launder them so that they look and feel their best. The same goes for clothes we’re packing to up to take with us on the other end; who wants to unpack stale clothes in a new home? Not me!

For this particular job, I’m using the All Free and Clear. 

I like the All product line, but especially this particular one when donating items since you’re not sure about who will receive them and any sensitivities they have. When it comes to personal use,  I love it because it easily gets stains out (and yes I have two very active boys) and it does a better job than most other detergents. Beyond that, my affinity for white clothing means I’m very particular with how they smell and feel! I love the simple, clean scent that comes through with this product.

For me,  All Free and Clear is the only way to care for our clothes while preparing for the big move. Not only will donated clothes arrive clean and fresh-scented, but once we unpack in our new home, we’ll easily get back to routine looking our best. Wish us luck! xo

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Loving ‘all Right Now

This year, I have been baking for sport. Some of the baking has been for featured posts over at Best Friends For Frosting and then there’s the 3 cookies swaps I’m attending this year. Yikes. Oh, and then there’s the popular family gatherings which means we’ll be cooking up some of favorite dishes straight through the holiday. In between all the baking, cooking and busy stuff – there’s still the idea of doing laundry and making sure all of our favorite clothes are in the best shape possible.

One way I make sure this happens is with a good quality laundry detergent. I recently reviewed the all Mighty Pacs OXI and without a doubt I liked the product and how it removed stains — keeping everything looking as good as new.

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