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Small Plates {Green Salad}

Green Salad.

This little bowl of green goodness is a stand-out favorite, and always on high-rotation in our home. When entertaining, it’s always on the list. What I love most, besides the tangy lime dressing – is how easy it is. And because we’ve been so busy here at MoPa this week, this salad has been my go-to lunch making it the perfect Small Plate to share on the blog.

Toss in a bowl: a mix of chopped greens – I prefer dark greens against something with a little crunch, diced green apple, shaved parmesan cheese, and shelled, rough-chopped pistachio nuts. That’s it. I eyeball all of it. Maybe you like more apples or nuts – you can decide, and you can’t go wrong.

Add this dressing and toss. Next time you need a simple green lunch, or a salad that’s worth sharing – this is the one.

– Denell

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