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Trinket Love

Valentine01 copy

silicone “lock and key” key rings (cast from an 18th century Italian church key!) / trendy chain and heart necklace / pucker up with smooch paperclips / keep your hands cozy with this mini hottie hand warmer /  write your own “conversation hearts” / classic heart paper cup paired with jumbo straws – for two!

I adore Valentine’s Day! It may be because a simple love note completely tickles my fancy, and I see the {heart} icon as one of the most powerful images available to us today. So, who doesn’t want to crack open the craft armoire, cut paper hearts, and scheme for that secret admirer? Sign. Me. Up! I’m happy to share some of my favorite Valentine finds with you! 

- Lisa Palmer  of  lillybee


MoPaValentine02 copy

beech wood diamond shaped trinket box / tribal print notepad / metallic pencil / classic jack set / tassel for your pencil case or keys / gold journal / die-cut letters / white heart stationary / washi tape glitter clothes-pin (thanks Lisa!)

Just like Lisa, I love this sweetheart holiday. I think it’s the best time to spread some feel good, and exchange a simple Valentine with friends, classmates – or anyone you’re smitten with. Lisa recently sent over a box of goodies from her recent gift show trip, and inside I found this wooden “diamond” trinket box – it was the perfect inspiration for this mixed metal round up. 

I love this collection of stationary and desk accessories that are simply perfect for crafting that special Valentine – xoxo. 

- Denell

special thanks to Megan Belanger Photography who photographed our trinket love.

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