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Lifestyle Session by Jessica Souza

When I started MoPa almost three years ago, I never truly realized all that it would bring. I knew I wanted to connect with moms while curating events and content to fuel their lifestyles. Through the process there’s been a major bonus: working and becoming friends with so many talented women. Things around here are changing for me (it’s very exciting and I can’t wait to share details soon), but one thing that will never change is how I sincerely fall head over heels when I see sessions like this. I am so happy to share this beautiful lifestyle session by friend and photographer, Jessica Souza.

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Let’s Picnic!


One of my favorite ways to celebrate the Spring Season is with a classic picnic with family and friends. It’s nostalgic fun, and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. My idea of a picnic includes family and friends, a classic menu, and touches of style.


Ropes & Anchors Giveaway

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that I stepped out of the office for a few days and headed on a family vacation up North. We stayed at a beautiful mountain view resort, and spent most of the days swimming and exploring a whole different part of New England; we love how the mountains meet the lake, and you’ll always make friends. Believe or not, it’s often hard to get away, and so even though our vacation was only a couple days long, it truly gave us just what we needed. Total family time.

While we were off soaking up the sun, I had good friend and MoPa Contributor Stephanie from Bellini Portraits capture some images for this Giveaway, and without surprise it all came together perfectly. I was splashing in the sun with my boys, only to find beautiful sun-soaked images from Stephanie’s photo shoot trickle in on my phone. Truth is, when it’s summertime things can always come together – especially when there’s Ropes & Anchors and you live in New England.

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