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S’more Please.

S’More Please.

We’re gearing up for an outdoor birthday party this weekend, and since it’s mid October in New England – it’s seasonably cool. To warm up the scene, we’ve come up with a sweet strategy – perfect for an outdoor party!

To start, we’ll keep moving with games and challenges that everyone can get involved in. Who doesn’t love a good challenge, right?!

Next up – the sweet stuff: we’ll have traditional birthday cake, but we’ll also offer guests an alternative dessert: the toasty s’more sandwich. Brilliant gooey goodness.

This little layered treat is a great way to keep fingers moving by a warm fire, and since it’s a DIY dessert, everyone gets creative. Bonus.

Looking for the perfect s’more? Here are a few warm & toasty sweet sandwiches we want to try:

Mr. Peanut 
Chocolate graham + peanut butter + marshmallow

Fruit S’more 
Graham cracker + sliced strawberries + sliced banana + marshmallow

Easy Lemon Meringue 
Graham cracker + lemon curd + marshmallow

Strawberry Nutella
Chocolate graham cracker + strawberry slice + Nutella + marshmallow

Cinnamon Caramel
Cinnamon graham + dulce de leche + marshmallow

Sweet Mint 
Graham + Mint Chocolate  + marshmallow

Do you have a favorite S’more recipe? Please share in the comments below!


{photo credit : Jessi Field Photography}


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