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Baby C’s Nursery Tour

When a talented infant photographer takes on a nursery space, you know it’s going to be a creative process. Sure enough Jennifer Leatherwood designed a space that literally dazzles with color, creativity and custom details. Don’t miss this chic space inspired by big tents, carousels and pure love.



What was your design inspiration for Baby C’s room?

I really wanted my son’s nursery to be bright vibrant colors and incorporate animals as well. I’ve always loved the carnival and once I started brainstorming design ideas for his nursery, the Carnival theme seemed the perfect fit!

Biggest Design challenge?

The only challenge was deciding wether to paint the nursery orange or blue. I really wanted to stay away from the traditional baby blue. I ended up ordering a bunch of sample fabrics online and once we decided on what fabrics we’d use in the nursery, I chose a color from one of the prints. I decided to stay away from orange as it can be a visually stimulating color.


Leatherwood06 copy


Favorite feature?

My favorite feature in Carter’s room are all of the hand made touches. My mother Susan Leatherwood, owner of Snarkle Parkle, made all of the bedding and window treatments. I painted 2 of the wall hangings and my sister painted another. We are an artsy family and I wanted my little boy to be surrounded by art made from the heart especially for him.

Any helpful tips those currently designing a new space for baby?

Leave yourself enough time! As we all know babies do not always arrive on time. While it’s likely that your little one will be spending the first few months of his or her life in your bedroom, if you do not finish the nursery before the bundle arrives. You may never have a free minute after they arrive to complete the project until they go to college (or so I am told).

Nursery in three words? Bright, Fun, Artistic



Special thanks to Jennifer & Baby C for sharing with us!  Do you know Jennifer? Leave her some love in the comment section below!

XO, Denell

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